Importance Of Achieving Mind, Body & Spirit Health

Mind, body & spirit healthy people have positive world views, and this is important. Dr. Charles Bacinelli, Marywood University, has studied and wrote extensively about the process that an individual goes through in the development of their respective world view. Throughout this section, much of Dr. Bacinelli’s work on this process is discussed.The origin of world view comes from the German word, Weltanschauung, which means our own life perspectives. Individuals’ life perspectives are un-testable sets of beliefs regarding humans and reality. These beliefs allow people to make assertions, form opinions and develop emotional reactions to generate feelings about life. Individuals’ views of human nature lend meaning and purpose in life. These views really determine what people strive for in life, what they ultimately become in life, and what social changes they would like to make in their lives. These beliefs, synonymous with world view, drive human behavior.The fundamental aspect of human behavior is motivation. Theories of personality can be referred to as theories of motivation. When considering individual development, theories of personality play a major role. Our personality deals with a wide range of human behavior. It deals with our mental, emotional, social and physical beings.Research (Allport, 1971) has shown that personality is a dynamic organization within individual psycho-physical systems that determines thought and behavior. Allport believes that an individual must have a proactive view of human motivation to explain their plans, intentions, self- image, and long-range goals. Futrell (2000) believes that personality traits are acquirable and learned far beyond developmental years. Bandura (1973) theorizes that individuals are more likely to adopt a behavior if that behavior results in outcomes they value. Allport (1971) feels all human beings have a need of a philosophy or set of values that gives “significance & worth to their lives”. These traits initiate and guide consistent forms of behavior.All of this research points to the ideas that people behave in ways throughout their lives that not only add meaning to their lives but also facilitate their development of personality traits well past their early developmental years.Unfortunately, life creates many tough behavioral choices for us. On an individual level, we choose to work out at the gym or do nothing, save for a rainy day or spend now, get the job done now or put it off until tomorrow. We choose between immediate gratification and delayed gratification. We have choices of whether to eat healthy or eat fast food and to work or to play. Individual behavioral decisions are based on the social content of competing values, and what choice is made depends on our individual accountability for a decision. In terms of this responsibility, if we are to answer for our behaviors, in what ways are we held responsible?Connected to accountability for behaviors is the concept of values. Rokeach (1973) said that a value is an enduring belief that a specific mode of conduct is preferred. Thus, our value system is enduring beliefs concerning modes of conduct. But what functions do our values serve? Values act as standards that guide our activities. They give expression to human needs. They determine how we treat our fellow man. We use them to evaluate, judge and praise ourselves. We really look at our values to determine our morality, and ultimately we try to use our value system on other people to persuade them toward our set of beliefs or our attitude.Max Webber (1962) said that values are a function of our quest for meaning. Human beings seek conceptual frameworks, systems of ideas, symbols or beliefs in their lives. Values, therefore, represent for us the desirable end state. By focusing on individual beliefs, values and goals, researchers have learned a great deal about the reasons individuals act the way they do.In summary, this research section about happiness indicates studies that point to the following ideas: the “American Dream”, or true happiness, is one of finding meaning, not of obtaining materialistic possessions; we need to focus on improving our holistic health-our mind, body and spirit-in order to find this meaning; we need certain components (i.e. conceptual frameworks, systems of ideas, symbols or beliefs) in our lives to help facilitate our health development and to give meaning to our lives; this development is also fostered by the learning of strategies and strengths that promote holistic health development; we utilize these specific strategies and strengths to develop a positive life perspective; our individual behaviors are contingent on our life perspective and our value systems; we need motivation and accountability to change our behaviors; we can change our life perspectives at any time in our lives; we will continue a new behavior pattern if we see value for ourselves.Thus, research says that people need a philosophy or a set of values that give significance to their lives, and that is exactly why I created The Power Of Three series. The Power Of Three series instructs individuals on how to develop this philosophy and is comprised of a framework and system needed in order to improve one’s mind, body and spirit.

The Benefits of Project Time Management Software

A quality project management software helps in planning and controlling resources, as well as costs and schedules in order to ensure the smooth running of a particular project. It also includes functions such as calendars, charts, employee time tracking and budgets, generating of reports and scheduling.There are a number of options to choose from, for those looking for a versatile project management software solution. These include web-based applications that can be accessed from any location. Each of these software solutions come with their own set of specific features, though certain common benefits are included.The common benefits are -
Easy to collaborate on projects -
This is convenient for employees who are assigned individual tasks that are part of the larger project. A top-notch solution collaborates seamlessly in areas such as sharing documents, timelines and status updates.
Tasks can be delegated -
Individual skills and capabilities can be easily accessed by managers so that a specific task can be delegated appropriately. The right project management software solution can do this well since the system already has the requisite information.
Project Managers can stick to the schedule -
With a project time tracking software, managers can easily add a start and end date to projects and tasks. This information gives employees a heads up about upcoming deadlines, allowing them to manage their time appropriately.
Easier project tracking -
The project management software eliminates the need for status update meetings and emails by keeping a careful track on progress. Employees can share updates and other such information with managers and team members and in the process keep everyone involved in the project, updated.
Project Snapshot -
New employees can be brought up to speed easily by getting all project information, both past and present through the project management software. By making the project snapshot accessible uniformity is maintained across the board.
Clients and vendors communication -
Maintaining transparency comes easily with quality project management software. Businesses using a web based project tracking timesheet solution can give clients and vendors easy access to project files ensuring collaboration and sharing of important information.By looking at the general advantages of project tracking software and that good reporting needs both good data and also effective means of processing and presenting it as relevant information we get the obvious conclusion that there are such benefits. If it is easy for employees to find what tasks they should complete, communicate and collaborate with each other then the project managers can spend quite less time managing these business aspects and spend more time on other things.

The 3 Important Factors to Be Looked at Before Booking Flights and Hotels

Technology is growing at a massive rate. We as a millennial are very lucky to have the best applications and software for inventing or destroying something. Online shopping, online banking, etc. are some of the few trending technologies which are seen in every family. Even a child knows how to book a cab. But have you ever taught him what the procedure for booking hotels and flights online is?There are so many airline websites and platforms that offer great discounts and coupons on first flight booking and booking a 5-star hotel. Typically, there are other ways also to do this. No matter which method you choose to book your flight or hotel, it is a must to check for a few factors, which are worthy to pay for, even if it is a bit expensive.FACTORS TO OBSERVE DURING HOTEL AND FLIGHT BOOKING Look for flights and hotels that give you the best offers:It is self-explanatory that search online for the brands and agencies that have plenty of sales concessions for your booking. You can additionally check for hints like:

Exclusive company offer

Lazy payment option (where sometimes hotels let you pay for the next time booking)

Budget-friendly booking services

Standard amenities

Paying directly at the hotel

These vary depending upon the agent and the medium through which you book.Secured flight booking is a must for all:There may be last-minute stresses and other travel hurdles which can make you anxious during the start of your journey. Typically, good companies will provide you the option to enjoy any cancellation protection for every domestic flight booked. Other security concerns are:

Protection from Fare drops

Cancellation procedures for the same day of booking

Sometimes International bookings on flights and hotels will let you hold now and pay later, and this also ensures that your tension reduces.

Choose a flight or hotel that suits every destination you plan:Are you planning for a weekend getaway to some nice resort? Or are you tripping for a honeymoon? Even the adventure activities are a must for a nice escape from your mechanical life. Whatever the purpose of the visit selecting and booking from various domestic and international destinations is essential. You should ensure that the booking is well-suited as per your spectrum of travelling.Be it an International flight or even a budget hotel, it is a must for you to have a checklist ready for:

Pre-planned itinerary

Transport upon arrival/departure or even for sightseeing

Well-researched travel plans beforehand

No matter which place you visit and how long you stay, irrespective of the flight and hotel, be sure to choose the best one and that one brand that suits your travel needs. The company that cares and takes concern for every moment of travel is the one that truly deserves its payment for the booking and positive reviews.